To prepare for your first lesson, print off student sign in cards through your Teacher Centre. Introduce Mathletics  by signing into your Teacher Centre on the interactive whiteboard or digital projector. You can also download a printable version of this guide below.

1. The Face Maker

Personalise your environment 

Demonstrate: When students sign  in for the first time they create their Mathletics avatar. Have fun with the class creating your teacher Mathlete. 

Explain: Students earn 10 credits when they  improve on a previous score. They can use these credits to purchase accessories for their Mathlete. 

Student Activity: Create their own  Mathlete.

Challenge the Class: To choose a 30 credit item to save up for.

2. Live Mathletics

Improve mental maths 

Demonstrate: Play a whole class game of Live Mathletics, ask the students to shout out the answers as you race against the clock. 

Explain: Students earn 1 point for each correct  answer and 10 credits when they improve their score. Points contribute to the weekly certificate and the Hall of Fame.

Student Activity: Play a game,  starting at Level 1 to get used to the format. They can choose to play live against the world, their own school or the class. 

Challenge the Class: To play again, try to improve their score, and earn 10 credits.

3. Concept Search

Explore key vocabulary

Demonstrate: Tell the class which  topic you’ll be focusing on today and discuss some key vocabulary. Ask the class what they already know about this topic. 

Explain: Exploring the related terms that appear at the bottom, below the definition, will give them more clues. 

Student Activity: In pairs explore  the key vocabulary using Concept Search and discuss anything new they find. 

Challenge the Class: To find a brand new maths term and explain it to the class.

4. Mathletics Curriculum

Master key concepts

Demonstrate: Choose a topic from the bars in the centre. Warm up  by completing the Are You Ready activity together. Open the next activity and show that they can find help using the question mark. This doesn't appear in the Are You Ready or Test activities.

Explain: Students earn 10 points for each correct  answer and 10 credits when they improve their score. A Gold Bar appears if they score 85% or higher. 

Student Activity: Complete the Are  You Ready and the next activity. At the end use the question mark to see incorrectly answered questions worked through. 

Challenge the Class: To achieve 1  Gold Bar by the end of the lesson, they should repeat the activity if they don’t get a Gold Bar on the first attempt.

5. Rewards

Recognise achievement

Demonstrate: Show the class that  points they’ve earned are displayed on the progress panel on the left-hand side.

Explain: Certificates are awarded  for 1,000 points in a week. A maximum of 1 certificate can be earned per week. 

Student Activity: Work out how  many more points they need for their first certificate. 

Challenge the Class: To achieve their  first certificate for homework.