• The Maths Olympiad practice period will run throughout July and August for students to familiarise themselves with the Live Mathletics competition area. All points will be reset for the competition period. 

  • The competition period will run from 11th September – 12th September 2015. 

  • Competition points are earned in Live Mathletics only: Students earn 1 point per correct answer, or 2 points if they have selected their bonus level.

  • Once the Maths Olympiad challenge period has ended, all results will be verified by the Mathletics team. Upon completion of verification, the winners will be announced on the Maths Olympiad website. All results as determined by the Mathletics team are final. 

  • Student registration is free of charge. All students will be provided with FREE access to the Mathletics program for the period of the Olympiad.