You may need to move students between classes as they change sets or copy them into more than one class if they are receiving additional lessons from another colleague. Once a student is assigned to more than one class they will be able to switch between classes to see the courses assigned to them using a filter at the top of their student centre home page. Sign into your Teacher Centre and click on the Classes icon to use this feature.

Use Classes for grouping children for learning to enable delivery of more personalised content and for flexible differentiation.

Here's how to get started:
  1. Use the filters at the top of the page to choose the class that you would like to move or copy a student into
  2. Click the first tab that displays the class name
  3. Click the 'Move Students' button that appears in the bottom right
  4. Use the filters in the 'Find Students' window to search for the student you want to copy or move
  5. Drag and drop the students you want to copy or move onto the class tab
  6. Choose the appropriate option from the onscreen prompt
  7. If you choose 'Move' the student will only appear in the new class, if you choose 'Copy' the student will appear n both classes