The core Mathletics curriculum is aligned to your local curriculum and is presented to students in the form of topics broken down into a pre-test, activity sets and an end of topic test. Get started by signing in via

Adaptive Technology

Within each set of 10 questions there are 3 levels of difficulty. The complexity of the questions increase as the students consistently submit correct answers. Once understanding is demonstrated at all 3 levels, students should be scoring 85% or more, this means they have mastered the concept. Mastery is recognised with a Gold Bar. Direct students to the medal tally at the bottom left of their screen, encourage them to repeat activities where they haven't yet earned a Gold Bar.


Immediate Feedback and Support

The core activities feature a built-in tutorial function so that students can be self-sufficient in their learning. Viewing the Support area before opening an activity gives them an example at the same level of difficulty as they are about to attempt. Submitted answers are marked immediately onscreen. If students revisit the Support area after attempting a question they can work through the same calculation to see whether they have followed the correct process. Present the Support tutorial on the whiteboard, working through an Easy, Medium and Harder example; discuss the strategies students should use and how they change as the complexity increases.


Maths on the Move

Most of the Mathletics activities are available through the free tablet apps for both Android and iPad platforms. With an offline and online mode, you can integrate maths into almost any learning experience, allowing students to apply the concepts they are practising to any number of real world scenarios - just remember to switch to online mode within 2 weeks or your results will not appear in your live Student Centre!


Consolidation and Extension

Most topic areas feature a Something Easier and Something Harder section. The Something Easier section contains relevant concept activities from previous courses, using these can be a helpful way to build confidence in less able students. The Something Harder section contains relevant concept activities from more advanced courses; this provides a further level of differentiation for more able students. Try setting these activities as homework via the Results area in your Teacher Centre.