The Problem Solving Games are an excellent platform for discussion, collaboration or illustration of mathematical concepts. They are designed to support learning through play, each year group will have access to a different set of games. Get started by signing in via

Unlock Potential

A selection of the games are part of a reward system. To gain access to these, each student needs to earn a Gold Bar by achieving over 85% in an activity; each of the first 10 Gold Bars will unlock one game. Introduce the theme of algebra by writing a mathematically coded message to your class and reveal the key once everyone in the class has unlocked all ten of their games.  


Encourage students to plan the way they will approach a problem by working alone, in pairs or as a group to identify the mathematical concepts they will need to apply in order to win one of the games. Prompt them to evaluate the success of their chosen strategy. 


Use a Problem Solving game as the focus for a lesson in by displaying the activity on the whiteboard and work together with the class to solve the problem. Organise students into groups to design their own board game based around the same mathematical concept.



Restrict access to games through the Courses section in your Teacher Centre. Reward the class when they complete a full topic by reactivating the Problem Solving tab.