Rainforest Maths is a bright and engaging tool that allows primary years students to explore mathematical topics, and practise their new skills in a colourful rainforest environment. Get started by signing in via www.mathletics.com.

Flexible Progression

Unrestricted access to a structured scale of complexity allows for both extension and consolidation.  Encourage students to explore different levels of difficulty, try approaching the more advanced work together as a class. Use this as an opportunity to discuss strategies and problem solving techniques. 

Immediate Feedback

Take advantage of the immediate feedback within this area to promote independent learning from an early age. Ask students to keep a tally of their correct answers to encourage self-assessment. Set a team target for this and offer a whole class reward. 


Cross-Curricular Opportunities

Exploring maths through the rainforest opens doors to plenty of contextual and cross-curricular learning. Introduce using maths to investigate weather, geography, flora and fauna, climate change, science, wildlife and conservation.


Scaffolding for Success

Work on a particular topic starting at the most basic level. As students progress they will encounter activities that enhance their understanding through application, interaction and manipulation. Take this to the next level by asking groups to write step-by step instructions for a younger student. 


Accessible Learning

The colourful and easy to navigate learning environment means high levels of engagement for a range of learners. The aesthetics make this area of Mathletics perfect for learning through play and would be ideal to incorporate into after-school or lunchtime clubs.