Live Mathletics takes full advantage of the online element of the program and allows students from all over the world to compete together in live, real-time maths races. Differentiated on multiple levels, Live Mathletics is a fantastic tool for motivation and increasing mental maths skills. Get started by signing in via

Scaffolding for Success

Work on a topic starting at the most basic level. As students progress they will encounter activities that enhance their understanding through application, interaction and manipulation. Take this to the next level by asking groups to write step-by step instructions for a younger student. 


Involve the Whole Class

As well as playing other students around the world, children can limit the race to students in their own class or school. For a fun weekly target, encourage your students to answer as many questions correctly as they can in order to see the class appear on the Hall of Fame.

Inclusive Approach

Live Mathletics ensures that students of all abilities are supported. The 10 gaming levels offer question types of increasing difficulty. These can be controlled via the Results section within the Teacher Centre. All players are assigned an ability rating from Raging Rookie to Human Calculator within each level. Students are always matched against other children of a similar ability level, regardless of their age or location. 



Speed and Accuracy

The Live Mathletics game is built to increase the speed with which students can conduct functional calculations. Within the gaming area accuracy is just as important, during each game students only have 3 lives – three incorrect answers and they’re out!


Accessible Learning

The colourful and easy to navigate learning environment means high levels of engagement for a range of learners. The aesthetics make this area of Mathletics perfect for learning through play and would be ideal to incorporate into after-school or lunchtime clubs.

Challenge Friends and Build a School!

Through 3P Learning's partnership with UNICEF, students can earn Connector Points by challenging their friends to maths races. Connector points allow 3P Learning to contribute funding to UNICEF to build brand new schools in developing countries.