The Concept Search takes the experience of looking for answers to a new level. This engaging tool allows students to explore mathematical terms and reach a deeper conceptual understanding through visual clues and interactive animations. Get started by signing in via

Search for a key word

When students are working on a new concept, ask them to look up the term themselves by typing it into the 'Search' box; then discuss their findings as a class or in pairs. This is an ideal exercise before starting the Mathletics curriculum activities.

Choose the complexity level

Introduce students to linked ideas they might start to work with during their next school phase. The dog keys give an indication of the level each term in the Concept Search relates to. The bigger the dog, the more complex or formal the definition!


Explore related terms

Try designing a treasure hunt style activity linking a series of connected terms to move the class from one concept onto another. The related concepts and vocabulary appear in the bar at the bottom of the screen. This is a great way to scaffold learning.


Work with examples

By clicking on 'Interact' students can display any 'Search' results that feature an animation that students can manipulate. This is a great feature to use on an interactive whiteboard.


Browse using the index

Challenge students to work out where a word might have come from, ask them to look for other words that might have the same stem and a related meaning. They can transfer this technique when learning languages or spelling.