In each topic area, you will also find an end of topic test. These tests are great for consolidation and their results can be used to help determine teaching direction. Students will also receive extra rewards or completing these tests, getting double points for each correct answer.

Use end of topic tests once the students have worked through all of the activities in that topic to identify whether any children would benefit from additional support, repetition of activities or an alternative approach to the concept.

To assign the end of topic tests:
  1. Sign in to your Teacher Center and Click 'Results'
  2. The first page you'll see is the front page of the mark book showing the results from the end of topic tests
  3. Click the box next to the student's name which corresponds with the topic test you'd like to set
  4. After the end of topic tests have been completed, the results will display immediately in the Results section

Practice to Problem Solving
Move students from concept mastery to higher order reasoning 

Cross-Curricular Focus

Work between the Practice and Problem Solving areas by asking students to link curriculum activities with their relevant problem solving activity; invite students to design their own problem for their peers to solve based around a mathematical concept they are currently practising in Mathletics.

Ask students to set their problems during a historical period; suggest that they include deliberate anachronisms for their peers to spot for extra points!