The Mathletics Teacher Centre provides you with the tools you need to get the most out of Mathletics with you class, the functions available are based around proven methods for continuous improvement and engagement. Get started by signing in via

Personalised Learning

Group students for learning and deliver personalised pathways

Use the colour coded indicators in Results to determine strengths and weaknesses for individuals and the whole class. Use the data to inform how you use Classes to create smaller groups that require similar support. Use Results to set homework or classwork that is relevant to these individuals. Students will see the tasks you have set once you have used the Results settings to turn Focus Activities On. 

Multimedia Lessons

Engage and motivate a variety of learners

Focus on application skills and use the Lessons area to find videos, activities or interactives to demonstrate that there may be more than one way to approach a problem. Use this as a platform for debate. A combination of different media will help engagement and support students in looking at maths from a new perspective.

Blended Approach

Integrate paper-based activities with ICT curriculum content

Where access to ICT facilities is limited, Mathletics online functions can be complemented by the eBooks. Use them as part of a carousel activity, where in-class computers can be used to practise concepts on Mathletics. Other stations might include a real world activity or case study as an opportunity for collaborative problem solving.


Evidence of Progress

Monitor and communicate progress to parents, students and colleagues

Use the Results and Assessments sections for formative and summative assessment. You can export whole class, group or individual student reports via the Reports section, allowing you to provide transition information for colleagues, end of term summaries for parents or one to one feedback for students.