The Mathletics Student Centre is carefully designed to strike the right balance between learning and play. The engaging environment is fun for students but equally promotes continuous progression and development. Get started by signing in via


Engage students in tackling maths problems

Develop approaches for working on more difficult calculations through the Support function. Use the Something Easier and Something Harder activities to consolidate and extend the knowledge of each student. 


Move students from mastery to reasoning

Promote mathematical thinking by working on Problem Solving activities in pairs or groups. Invite students to design their own problem for their peers to solve based around a mathematical concept they are currently practising in Mathletics.



Inspire independence in learning

Suggest that students try to introduce new mathematical terms to their vocabulary in class. By investigating and interacting with related terms in the Concept Search, students will be able to make and explain connections.  Reward students who use their initiative to introduce brand new concepts.



Help students improve mental maths skills

Prompt students to review their Live Mathletics results to identify operations they need to improve.  Introduce cross-curricular learning by investigating countries played in Live Mathletics.



Give students ownership of their learning

Set the challenge of saving credits for a particular Mathlete item to promote improvement. Use the 'My Profile'  theme changes to find out more about your creative learners.


Celebrate individual and class progress

Students are driven to improve by collecting gold bars for achieving over 85% in an activity; make this a focus for the class. Introducing a class gold bar progress chart and presentations or displays of Weekly Awards can be useful tools to inspire improvement.