Reports is a single location for you to see an overview of activity, engagement and progress in Mathletics for all the classes you teach, with detailed information for each student. You can also provide meaningful transition data for colleagues or feeder schools by exporting the summary reports. These could be useful with your department when preparing your Schemes of Work to help you decide where to spend more or less time with the next cohort.

Use Reports for tracking progress and activity in Mathletics, and to provide evidence of progress. 

Here's how to get started:

  1. Select the large ‘Reports’ icon
  2. Choose your class using the Class filter at the top
  3. The default view shows results for the current academic year, use the date  filter to change the date range 
  4. ‘Activity Mastery’ shows progress towards course completion
  5. ‘Participation’ shows the total number of points and certificates earned by class or pupil 
  6. ‘Live Mathletics’ shows more detailed results for fluency and mental maths 




Points and Credits
Inspire improvement and extension through rewards

Cross-Curricular Focus

Raise the profile of the points system by setting target dates to achieve bronze, silver and gold certificates. This will also encourage students to create a balance between Live Mathletics and the curriculum activities. If you prefer the focus to be improvement, set challenges based on saving credits for Mathlete accessories.

Task students to set and track targets for each other and post the weekly results; this could be through any ICT medium. Examples include individuals submitting their own scores via email or using a blog to discuss progress.