These downloadable documents have been designed to help you when planning lessons and activities using Mathletics; they will support you in delivering the outcomes required by the National Curriculum.

Primary Mathletics Alignment 

This document lists all Mathletics curriculum activities associated with each England  course, and demonstrates how these fit within the Early Years 

Foundation Stage and the England National Curriculum programmes of study. 

Mathletics Progression Framework

This document shows progression across KS1 and KS2. The framework is linked to Mathletics performance descriptors, which aim to describe the typical characteristics of children whose test performance is at the threshold of the expected standard for that Key Stage. You'll find references to Mathletics performance descriptors in the curriculum reports associated with Mathletics Assessments.

England 2014 Primary Progression Map

This spreadsheet shows the structure of Mathletics courses. It is organised by strand to demonstrate the progression of topics through the year groups. Each tab contains a different curriculum strand. Core activities are blue, Something Easier are green and Something Harder are pink.