The Mathletics eBooks have been developed by a team of teachers and mathematicians, to create a comprehensive publication that acts as a textbook, workbook and study guide for your students. Concept-based, and designed to complement the online activities, the workbooks can be used as part of a blended approach to learning.

Use eBooks for individual or group work, choose to print them in order to give students the opportunity to show their workings and help them move from practice to application to higher order reasoning.

Here's how to get started:
  1. Select the year group you want to browse
  2. Scroll through the available books using the arrows or numbers at the bottom of the screen 
  3. Click the book you’re interested in
  4. Click the book or section you want from the right hand window to download it

Multimedia Carousel
Integrate paper-based activities with ICT curriculum content

Cross-Curricular Focus

Use Mathletics as part of a carousel activity, where in-class computers can be used to practise concepts, complemented by the eBooks. Other stations might include a real world activity or case study as an opportunity for collaborative problem solving.

Broaden the scope of using technology by asking students to investigate tools that may support their maths learning; these may include applications like spread sheets, websites, tablets and mobile phones.