The Assessments section of Mathletics is a powerful diagnostic and benchmarking tool. You can use Assessments to set summative tests and review their results. The data on the outcome of the assessments can be used to identify individual strengths and weaknesses and assign targeted activities.

Use Assessments for gathering evidence, providing one to one feedback and longer term planning. 

Here's how to get started:

  1. Select the class you are working with from the class filter   
  2. Use the assessments filter to choose the test type and age category   
  3. Click 'Preview' to check the suitability of the questions   
  4. Click 'Schedule Assessment' 
  5. Select the children who need to take the test
  6. Choose the time and duration and schedule the test
  7. Click 'View Results' once the test is complete


Curriculum Practice

Embed mathematical concepts through skills practice

Cross-Curricular Focus


Repetition of activities is proven to drive better understanding and results. Once you've identified knowledge gaps, ask students to repeat activities three times (twice in class and once at home) to consolidate learning. In the following lesson, ask students to explain the same concept to a partner using a real world scenario.

Revise understanding of concepts through a charades style activity. Ask students to explain a concept to a partner, they should do so without talking. Suggest that they use props and mime to get their message across!