The Lessons tool provides a great opportunity to develop mathematical thinking in your students. The variety of multimedia in this library will help you inspire different types of learners to really explore concepts. You can queue up a series of resources including videos, interactive workbooks and Mathletics curriculum activities to play later on your Interactive Whiteboard. You can also collaborate with colleagues by sharing the lessons you've designed.

Use Lessons to support understanding, solve problems together and consolidate learning outcomes. 

Here's how to get started:

  1. Choose the country and course you are following from the filters at the top of the page  
  2. Select the topic to display all relevant content  
  3. Drag and drop the resources you want to the bottom panel  
  4. Click 'Save As' to finalise and name your sequence or click 'Play' straight away
  5. Design your Lesson
  6. 'Retrieve and Play'


Whole Class Teaching
Engage and motivate a variety of learner types

Cross-Curricular Focus

Focus on application skills and use Interactives or Videos to demonstrate that there may be more than one way to approach a problem. Use this as a platform for debate. eBbooks and Problem Solving activities will allow students to put these ideas into practice.

Challenge groups to create their own maths videos or interactives based on a sporting activity (e.g. throwing a discus to represent equation of lines).