Results combines setting tasks with your class mark book so that you can respond to students’ learning needs based on their pace and progress. Use this formative assessment tool to support personalised learning by identifying patterns in areas of strength and weakness to plan which areas to revisit as a whole class, or with individuals.

Use Results to view your mark book in real time, set tasks for homework or classwork and move students onto more difficult mental maths practice. 

Here's how to get started:

  1. Choose your class using the 'Class' filter at the top
  2. The first page will display any test results by topic
  3. Click the topic name to see results for the individual activities
  4. Use the 'Action Bar' at the top of the mark book to set a task for a group of  students 
  5. Click a single cell to set a task for a single student



Self-directed Improvements
Help students to identify tools

Classroom Focus

Use Results to prompt students to visit the medals area on their Student Centre homepage. Clicking on the blue medal will display activities that they are close to mastering. To see the greatest improvement, encourage them to repeat these activities three times. Once they achieve over 85% on an activity, the corresponding activity bars will be converted to gold. 

Keep a tally of Gold Bars achieved by the class on a wall chart and set a target for them to achieve collectively. Once the target is reached hold a gold-themed class party to celebrate.