The Courses section provides you with a flexible way to deliver your curriculum in a way that suits you and your students. You can choose from ready made courses or pick and choose the most relevant activities for your purposes by browsing the entire Mathletics global database. Collaborate with your colleagues by sharing courses you have designed with the rest of the school.

Use Courses to change the content that students work through and to design bespoke learning pathways for specific needs or scenarios. 

Here's how to get started:

Set a Course

  1. Choose your class and group using the filters at the top
  2. Select the course you want from the View and Set Courses section (the  course content will display on screen) 
  3. Click the topic headers to check the suitability of the activities
  4. Right click to preview or download the guide for an activity
  5. Click Set Course to save your changes

Design a New Course
  1. Click Create New Course or Use this Course as a Template (the course creator screen will appear) 
  2. Search for activities in the left hand panel
  3. Right click to preview the activity
  4. Select an existing topic or click Add Topic to create a new one
  5. Drag your chosen activity to the Activities box
  6. Repeat for further required topics and activities
  7. Select a topic and click the Rename Topic button where necessary
  8. Click Save Course



Support and Extend
Provide personalised learning experiences

Extended Schools Focus
Summer Schools

When working with G&T, SEN or EAL students you may find that you need to deliver something that sits outside of your normal Scheme of Work or curriculum framework. Use Courses to explore unfamiliar content; preview whether the content is appropriate and use the individual activity guides to help you come up with a suitable lesson plan.

Address the summer learning loss issue by designing consolidation courses that students can work through over the summer.