Classes is an area designed to help you organise your class according to their differing levels of ability. Creating groups means that you can assign content that is appropriately challenging for each child and also compare progress alongside students working at a similar pace. Students can't view the name of the group they are placed in so teaching and learning can continue to be inclusive.

Use Classes for grouping children for learning to enable delivery of more personalised content and for flexible differentiation.

Here's how to get started:
  1. Choose your class using the 'Class' filter at the top
  2. Click the '+New Group' tab
  3. Name the new group and choose the course you want them to follow then click 'Add Group' (a pop-up will appear)
  4. Drag and drop the students you want to group onto the new tab
  5. Click the new tab to view the new group
  6. Click 'View Whole Class' next to the 'Class' filter to see all of your students



            Peer Teaching
            Use groups to help you pair children for coaching and mentoring

            Cross-Curricular Focus

            Choose a more able to peer teach with a less able buddy, encouraging them to use sources like the Concept Search to investigate related terms and more advanced application. Give each pair a different area to research within Mathletics, before presenting back to the class. This could also be translated into other media like video or presented in a play.

            Create alternative peer pairs in different subject areas that allow the less able child to take the lead. Choose something that you know they feel particularly confident about or a new subject area that neither student is experienced in.